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View Diary: Surprise! Yet another year of sucky global warming 'coverage' from the broadcast news programs (90 comments)

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  •  The entire political class has decided climate (20+ / 0-)

    change isn't a burning (pardon the pun) issue.  By de facto mutual consent of the 2 major party nominees, climate change (in clear contrast to 2008) was effectively off the table in 2012.  It was like having all of the presidential candidates avoid debating slavery in 1860.  

    Think about it--climate change was serious enough for McCain and Obama to admit its seriousness in 2008.  The situation got visibly worse by 2012, yet Romney and Obama essentially avoided it.  I don't see the issue getting that much traction on the Hill, either.

    Yes--the fourth estate is too worried about keeping its own tax breaks, inside baseball, and pseudo crises to address this issue.  There is no excuse for its obvious misuse of its first amendment privileges.  The problem, however, is a broader Beltway failure.

    Some men see things as they are and ask why. I dream of things that never were and ask why not?

    by RFK Lives on Tue Jan 08, 2013 at 03:47:58 PM PST

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    •  It up to us to act then (5+ / 0-)

      I've been saying this for a while.  If we refuse to act we are complicit in what will likely be the greatest die off of human history.  Both of humans and of animals.  The moral imperative is overwhelming and yet we argue over stupid tax plans like cap and trade that will have no significant effect.  We need a massive curtailment of carbon emissions and we need it as soon as possible.

      The revolution will not be televised. But it will be blogged, a lot. Probably more so than is necessary.

      by AoT on Tue Jan 08, 2013 at 04:36:45 PM PST

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      •  Heh. So don't just sit there, do something! (3+ / 0-)
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        AoT, mightymouse, DawnN

        I think we might disagree over the policy solutions, but you know what?  The real problem is that we're not even having a policy debate over what to do - despite all the scientific evidence, we're still trying to point out this is a problem that needs solving in the first place.  Very frustrating, to say the least, but you're absolutely right about the moral imperative.  Giving up is not an option.

        For our part, we started creating our own coverage last year.  News, science, and easy actions, in digestible, (hopefully intentionally) funny chunks:

        For our 2012 year-in-review of sorts, check out our Climate Denier Style parody video ---- already our most-watched video! (not that we're setting any records or anything, but still!)

        And because every episode has two easy actions to take, a personal and a larger action:

        (link is to a current Union of Concerned Scientists petition urging Obama to set science-based limits on carbon pollution.)


        Don't Just Sit There - Do Something! --- a humorous take on climate news, climate science, with easy things everyone can do to make a difference.

        by Dont Just Sit There DO SOMETHING on Tue Jan 08, 2013 at 05:21:15 PM PST

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        •  Oh, I am. But in my spare time I (0+ / 0-)

          get on here and other places and try and actually discus policy.

          The revolution will not be televised. But it will be blogged, a lot. Probably more so than is necessary.

          by AoT on Tue Jan 08, 2013 at 05:25:15 PM PST

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    •  If you believe in climate change, you should (0+ / 0-)

      be in favor of running deficits.  In sixty or eighty years, when toasters will be obsolete, who's gonna care about the "national debt"?

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