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View Diary: Hagel, Brennan nominations shape up to be the farce you expected them to be (61 comments)

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  •  I am OK with Hagel's nom. (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    poco, blue aardvark, Matt Z
    It’s that he’s an apostate Republican.
    That's good enough for me.

    Plus, I like the finger poke right in the eye of the neocons that this nom is.

    Plus, Hagel was against the Bush/Cheney/Rummie neocon Iraq war very early on. I liked that, and people here have forgotten that.

    •  "Sigh" for Hagel? (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      ploopie, LEP

      I do not understand, Hunter, not at all.
      I, like ploopie, am very good on the Hagel appointment
      and after some meaningless RepubliCon sturm und drang,
      expect to see Hagel confirmed and in a good manner. He
      represents what the current tea-party-trash Reps. would
      like to be -- a smart, decent, thoughtful, nice person; and
      most of what we see from RepubliCon ranks is anything
      but that.
      Hunter -- kerb your enthusiasm!  Just simmer down and
      wait and watch while the Obama administration -- at long last -- gets
      down into something useful. Hagel has one job to do -- restrain
      spending and win the services' cooperation in that, which I
      believe he can do. Kerry will do well, Brennen will do well I
                                JOE BIDEN TO THE RESCUE

      Best of all Biden will do well -- at last he is being employed in
      a manner that really suits him and where he is potent: politics! Biden deseves credit for more than has been recognized; he shoved Obama over the fence on gay rights -- and big credit goes to Joe for the recent deal that stopped us before the fiscal cliff fiasco.  And now he's got a very very good change to get a lot of important gun restriction laws passed.  Biden is everything Obama is not!!  He does not fear confrontation and he can make deals -- again, he is a politician. Obama, despite what he says and thinks about himself, most certainly is not a politician. He's a good orator, a fair rhetorician and a decent good man who wants to do the right thing --- but in the Washington quagmire he most often does not know how.  Joe Biden does and at last Obama is using Joe to highly effective ends.
      In other words, Obama has found a way to govern and lead.
      Thank god. So he has to share the office of President?  Great! As long as it gets done.
      Remember, Harry Truman had to use Geo. Marshall to get the great and good Truman plan for the rebuilding of Europe done, by calling it the Marshall plan and by using Marshall to do what Truman could not do with a mean RepubliCon congress.  Looks like Obama is faced with the same problem Truman had, and i find it interesting and hopeful that he's found a way to get the job done -- at long last.  I dearly hope this Obama-Biden government keeps working!

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