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View Diary: Hagel, Brennan nominations shape up to be the farce you expected them to be (61 comments)

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  •  Be happy if it simply gets modified. (0+ / 0-)

    It won't be abolished. Not in our lifetime if ever.  Listen to Kagro In The Morning to get a sense of how the Senate operates. I'm seeing that just bringing back a talking filibuster is a tall order.

    •  Oh sure it will. The GOPbags will get rid of it... (0+ / 0-)

      ... the very instant they ever take control of the Senate again.

      Given what they have done in state legislatures nationwide, only an idiot would doubt this for a second.

      Once the GOPbags get the hammer in their hands, they will use it.

      •  Again, Kagro X shows that Senate rules don't allow (0+ / 0-) side to just willy-nilly go in and kill something like that. Listen to his show. You can't fart in the Senate without having 4 rules that have something to say about it. The Senate has a long history of each party finding the shoe on the other foot and not liking it. On the other hand, if the GOP had won they would be modifying the rules as Dems seem poised to do. And just like now, it would not be certain that it will happen in less than a few cycles. In fact our side is more likely to do it because the Dems are under so much rare pressure from outside the Senate to do it as their base is expecting them to. It would take the GOP a couple of cycles of similar Democratic abuse for the teabaggers to understand the need for outside pressure to be applied. The more you understand the Senate, the more you'll understand that they all kind of like having the filibuster. When used properly, that is, only in special circumstances, it is an important tool to keep minority interests from being trampled. But a talking filibuster makes it hard to use so that it's only used rarely and it's more of an act of desperation. Most Senators are loath to eliminate it and will continue to be so.

        •  ALEC will order the GOPbags (0+ / 0-)

          ... to eliminate the filibuster so their agenda can be rammed through and like obedient lapdogs they will obey.

          They follow the same blueprint in ever legislative body they take over. They brook no opposition and eliminate all procedural and administrative roadblocks to ramming through their agenda as quickly as possible.

          •  Republicans might kill it. (0+ / 0-)

            Or they might just neutralize parts of the rule that they need out of the way, as the situation calls for. That's what they were going to do in 2005. Not kill the filibuster, but disallow its use on judicial nominations. Because that's what they were having trouble with.

            And Dems will attempt to avoid having this happen by agreeing to tread lightly, and not use the filibuster in whatever situation it is that the Republicans start complaining about. In other words, they'll preserve the existence of the filibuster by declining to use it.

            But none of this bears much on the current situation, which is this: there are very, very few reformers on the Dem side who actually want to vote to eliminate the filibuster. We can advise them to do so all we want, but Senators hold things extremely close to the vest on matters of the rules, and they don't like the rest of us prying.

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