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    MaikeH, 43north, KVoimakas

    I have observed that many of the pro- and anti- gun supporters approach this discussion as though it were a religious belief. Guns have become a Holy Symbol of masculinity and ego. Guns have become Satan's Hand to destroy America and the very universe in which we live.

    When emotion and blind faith are the basis for one's position, it might as well be a religion. When guns are an icon and not an object, it becomes an issue of belief and not facts. Thought, rationality, and practicality have been loooong abandoned by these zealots.

    Accordingly, I have begun to refer to the 'religious' zealots as the Followers of the Holy Gun, and the Crusaders Against Satan's Arsenal. Holy Gunners and CruSAders, for short. It helps me mock them and satirize them, and helps a bit with my frustration with these misguided fools.

    Guns are a tool. A very effective and dangerous tool with many valid uses and a deadly potential for misuse. They should be treated as any other useful but dangerous tool. The sooner we end the perpetual shouting match between these two groups and turn over discussion to rational and thoughtful citizens, the better.

    Less "WAAAAH!", more progress.

    by IndyGlenn on Wed Jan 09, 2013 at 04:40:21 AM PST

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