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View Diary: K chronicles on DKos compares pampered football players to SLAVES?? (60 comments)

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    Even the worst case scenario of the college athlete can't compare to being a SLAVE.

    Here you have Joe Football who was born into poverty but has some skills as a QB. He chooses to cheat his way through high school, chooses to take steroids to mask his numerous injuries. He gets a scholarship and chooses to accept but gets a concussion during his first day of practice. After a week of rest, he chooses to lie his way back on the field and sustains several more concussions during the season. Meanwhile his school has made millions selling tickets off of his occasionally brilliant play. In his 2nd season after more undiagnosed concussions, he tears up his ACL and never plays again. He loses his scholarship and drops out. He takes a job at Walmart, gets married and has 3 kids. At age 50, he starts showing signs of dementia based on the numerous concussions. Life goes downhill from there based on his series of choices. His wife and children then have some choices of their own to make.

    Now you have Joe Slave who was born ummm a FUCKING SLAVE who although he has a benevolent Massa, he's still ummm I don't know, A FUCKING SLAVE. He works when Benevolent Massa says so doing whatever Benevolent Massa says he has to do. If sometimes Benevolent Massa's overseer gets a little enthusiastic with the whip, it was probably Joe Slave's fault not expressing his appreciation for sufficient length during the day. Benevolent Massa wanting to create more happy happy slaves is eager to endorse the union of Joe Slave to Josephine Slave. The two lovebirds have 5 kids who are also blessed to work for Benevolent Massa.

    Unfortunately, all that benevolence leads Benevolent Massa to an early grave. Now the Eden Plantation and all of it's residents of the darker persuasion must be liberated from their cushy lives as [you guessed it] FUCKING SLAVES. Josephine Slave and her twin infants are sold to Slightly Less Benevolent Massa, Joe Slave was willed to Benevolent Massa Jr., their two boys remained with the Widow Benevolent, and their oldest 12 year old daughter is purchased by a new Massa who is just determined to fulfill that daughter's fondest wish for her own child as soon as he possibly can arrape um arrange to do so.

    I can see where one might be confused over the choices available to Joe Football and Joe Slave.

    "Someone just turned the lights on in the bar and the sexiest state doesn't look so pretty anymore" CA Treasurer Bill Lockyer on Texas budget mess

    by CaliSista on Tue Jan 08, 2013 at 08:53:26 PM PST

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