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View Diary: The needle and the damage done? PEDs and the baseball Hall of Fame (19 comments)

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    Baseball was in a world of financial pain for the first few seasons after the strike. There was even talk of contracting teams like the Twins and the Expos at the time because they were doing so bad financially. Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa chasing Maris' HR record in 1998 renewed national interest in the sport and brought it back to financial stability. Bud Selig wasn't complaining back then which makes him look like a complete hypocrite now.

    If they have the numbers they should be voted in. You can't punish someone for doing something that wasn't illegal at the time. The only two players I could understand not getting in due to roids would be Palmiero and Manny because they actually failed drug tests when it was illegal and being strictly enforced.

    Thanks for the diary to hold me over before pitchers and catchers report. Now if only the Mets can get a good outfielder...

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