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    There's a good probability your original IBM PC was built in Wisconsin, not China.

    There was a company in Menomonee Falls, WI - a steel office furniture mfgr, but don't recall the name - that built the cases and installed the power supplies in them.

    The electronics, and possibly the final assembly, was built in Neenah, WI at Electronic Assembly Corporation (part of Plexus Corp).

    I'm not sure if they built every IBM PC or if there were other subcontractors - probably were. I also don't know where the monitors and keyboards were made, although there were several big US-based keyboard mfgrs at the time.

    The actual electronic components ("chips", etc) were almost certainly made off-shore, a lot in Malaysia.

    As late as 1988-89 there were a significant number of actual PC manufacturers in the US, from small local computer shops that bought motherboards, cases, etc and just put them together, up to corporations that built nearly everything here - IBM, of course, Compaq, Wyse, AT&T, Gateway, Apple, and lots of others. Computer Shopper was a monthly magazine/catalog of computers and related stuff, and each issue, printed on oversize pages, was more than an inch thick.

    10 years later there were essentially no computers - even US brand names - manufactured in the US, except, perhaps, a few final assembly operations.

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