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View Diary: *New Day* Joys (and other feelings) about that first PC. (196 comments)

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  •  I programmed on punch card for my thesis (7+ / 0-)

    in 1975 using something in a room that I never saw and must have been very big and it was an IBM mainframe machine, asfaik.

    I hadn't understood anything, but somehow got the program to calculate what I needed for the thesis. I have also completely how I did it. I guess because I knew it wouldn't be anything that would ever help me in my life. Other than getting my thesis done, it really didn't help one bit.

    It was a big waste of my time. The next time I was confronted with a huge machine, it was in 1997/8. I was supposed to code something in COBOL though everybody told me the language is dying. So, I quit the job. It was in my families's business. The stupidest decision to even try it, I ever made. Did cost me six month of my life.

    I had a PC but don't remember anymore exactly when. It must have been around 1987.

    The first real machine I used was a Unix / Linux Server in 1994 and I learned enough to run my own webserver. But again it was completely useless. I spent lots of time coding and tried to learn some PERL, but I wasn't anal enough to stick with it. The web-based business did cost my time and I earned me no money. It was an experience though I don't mind having had.

    Nowadays I refuse to learn or do any programming other than a little tiny bit of UNIX shell programming. And even that I wouldn't do anymore.

    And I hate MACs, just because I don't want to learn another way of dealing with a computer. And I hate Microsoft, because they force constantly new interfaces on me with their continuous upgrades of their operating system.

    I heard people go with their laptops in bed. I guess I will do some day as well. Way too tired to read dailykos at night and sit up in a chair.

    Frigging internet ...

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