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View Diary: Actual Fiscal Curb Deal #'s - or - Why the angst re: $400K/$450K when the CED rates are ~600% worse? (33 comments)

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    I wanted to get the numbers out, but I don't totally know how I feel about the deal. For one thing, I'm in the camp that needs to see what happens in the next manufactured crisis before passing complete judgment on this deal.

    On the one hand, I don't think it's terribly likely that Democrats could get much better than a 50:50 ratio dollar-wise on things they want against things Republicans want.

    But man, as a backseat negotiator, it sure seems like "permanent" Bush tax cuts for $400K/$450K Joint could have been traded for the mere  1 year of unemployment extension and more.

    On the other hand, the CED rates are such a huge thing to Republicans, symbolically and otherwise. And as much as I know the 5-year tax credits are a good package, they're temporary. So I ask myself was this really the best we could get in exchange for such a costly CED rate policy? It really seems like we could have landed a much bigger target... Or let the extra revenue itself be the target, along with the slightly lower measure of inequality that should accompany the higher rates.

    So since I don't know how hard-fought the bigger, seemingly permanent child tax credits were, or the 10% bracket extension, I'll probably remain frustratingly uncertain about the deal.

    I guess it feels like the Democrats found a $100 bill on the street, then decided they just had to spend it immediately. It's not impossible that was good decision, it just seems highly unlikely.

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