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View Diary: Staged School Shooting: Parents of 300 NYC School Kids Still Don't Know About Abuse (7 comments)

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  •  US schools legally hit children for PainPunishment (3+ / 0-)
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    stevie avebury, LinSea, mookins

    Hitting disabled schoolchildren with weapons for Pain Punishment Legal US Schools! 2013 Educator's "Best Practice"?

    2/3 of Tennessee schoolchildren attend "Paddling Schools" where they can be hit by educators as punishment for minor infractions without parental consent or notification, not required per Tennessee State Law and Prohibited in Nashville area schools!  U.S. Schools must Honor Sandy Hook victims by Abolishing Corporal Punishment, Stop Hitting Schoolchildren! Sad how NONE of the Media coverage includes the Fact that at the Groundbreaking Senate Hearing to End School-to-Prison Pipeline held 12/12/12 ACLU recommended enacting Federal Bill H.R. 3027 "The Ending Corporal Punishment in Schools Act",  already Illegal in Schools in 31 U.S. States and Prohibited by Federal Law for use against convicted Felons in ALL U.S. Prisons, Cost $0!   19 U.S. States legally allow schoolchildren Kindergarten through Twelfth grade to be beaten with thick wooden paddles to inflict Pain as Punishment for minor infractions with No Safety standards to protect children from excessive force injuries or to prevent sadistic pedophiles from filming and sharing their perverse pleasure!  See brutally violent injuries to schoolchildren from U.S. Public School "Paddling/Corporal Punishment" at YouTube Video trailer for Documentary Movie "The Board of Education" by Jared Abrams . Search "A Violent Education" 2008 Study by Human Rights Watch and ACLU for disturbing facts!  dont hit students dot com Corporal Punishment is not good for children it leaves many injured, degraded and disengaged from school, it must raise blood pressure of school employees, it puts taxpayer funds at risk of lawsuits like the Half a Million Dollar lawsuit recently filed against Cumberland County, TN schools because a coach paddled a student who was on "No Paddle" list due to previous head injury and could have died from further injury to his spine.  Why doesn't ayone want to acknowledge the ugly Truth that adults entrusted with our children's safety in school must terrify our children with even the threat of vioence?  How on earth do schools in 31 U.S. states that have outlawed Corporal Punishment of children operate everyday?

    •  I agree that corporal punishment has negative (0+ / 0-)

      effects on learning and on kids and I think of it as inhumane. However, this is something that the parents agree with or it wouldn't be happening.

      I think it is more likely to happen in charter/private schools where there are less regulations and in any area where parents aren't involved with the schoools.

      In most public schools in the US, hitting a child would result in immediate firing of the teacher or administrator and even in states where corporal punsihment is allowed, there are regulations.

      As I say, I am against corporal punishment, but you do no favors to the movement by blaming only public schools for this.

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