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View Diary: National Cathedral to Perform Same-Sex Weddings (34 comments)

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  •  They are not caveats, just... (10+ / 0-)

    ...the ordinary restrictions that ANY parish church will have on hosting marriage ceremonies.  My (Episcopal) church has the exact same rules, that to be married there, at least one of the two partners must be baptized, and a member of the church.  We don't open our doors to non-members with no connection to our parish who just want to be there because it's a pretty or a convenient venue.

    Having said that, we ARE a gay-friendly church, with several partnered and married gay couples, and we are the local host to the Roman Catholic chapter of Dignity, which meets in their own sacred space in our basement.  Our state does not recognize or allow gay marriages, but our local bishop allows for blessings of same-sex unions.  Our parish jumped that gun, by celebrating the 25th anniversary of a lesbian couple with a special church service, featuring the blessing of rings by our pastor, and the couple presenting those rings to each other.

    So just because the National Cathedral places some limits on who can be married there (gay or straight), it isn't really discriminatory.  Those limitations apply equally to everyone, and they just prove that the Cathedral is a real, working spiritual center for the surrounding community, with the same kind of community standards that any other church would have.

    The Scout Law (trustworthy, loyal, helpful...) is a GREAT liberal manifesto.

    by DaytonMike on Wed Jan 09, 2013 at 06:20:34 AM PST

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    •  Sure. (6+ / 0-)

      I meant they were caveats against people going to the cathedral as a marriage location. We can take the symbolic value of the cathedral for its own value, but it is important to draw people's attention back to the fact that each church will have requirements.

      My diocese is case by case, and I have my own reservations about the rite. I have no reservations about civil marriage equality. Although the DC diocese decision is going to be a profound symbol when the first couple undergoes the rite and is married (and attracts politicians and cameras), folks should remember the realities.

      People complain about dirt, but I'd like to see them make some.

      by The Geogre on Wed Jan 09, 2013 at 06:29:04 AM PST

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