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  •  Great work, bb. Turtles need all the friends (5+ / 0-)
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    they can get in this difficult world. Thanks for your group's efforts to help the babies to survive.

    A place in Honduras I spend a couple of weeks at every few years scuba diving is doing what they can to improve the chances of hawksbill turtles off Roatan island. The owner maintains a fenced pool where the sea flows through. He pays the locals for live turtles they catch so they don't otherwise get sold for food. He has an arrangement with a Phd marine biologist working out of Loma Linda who rehabs, tags and releases them. Over the last few years he's discovered where they nest and travel, and there are efforts to get government support for protection. That is very difficult in Honduras. But it is heartening to see some young turtles recovering and having a chance to live long enough to reproduce.

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