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  •  President Obama (8+ / 0-)

    Senator Sanders, as far as I and others can gather, a huge problem is the President's willingness to keep open cuts to SS and more. He either ideologically believes these should be cut (against the vast majority of Democrats) or he is all too willing to appease the wealthy and/or Republicans to strike some kind of world of hurt deal for the majority of Americans. We NEED you to talk to him and other legislators who will strongly support "entitlements" and STOP the nonsense you speak of above because this country keeps saying WE WANT THESE PROGRAMS! We are here to fight, believe me, but as long as Obama wants to cut SS, etc we who are Democrats are having to fight the leader of our own party. The same party of my grandparents who created these programs for us, the health and well being of America, our citizens, and families. Thank you for posting on DKos!

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