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View Diary: Platinum coin might be legally required in absence of debt limit increase (144 comments)

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  •  Not intended as insult... (2+ / 0-)
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    Lady Libertine, joanneleon

    It was intended as an exaggeration of the opposite of reality for effect.  I have read lots of slinkerwink and she is one of the few where the ludicrousness of the Red State statement could work because anyone who familiar with her work would realize it was the opposite of reality.

    I have not noticed the other uses of it, probably due to hide recs, so did not realize I was wading into something others have been using as a serious insults.

    I apologize for my clumsiness in the use of the medium, and did not intend any insult to slinkerwink.

    The goal was to show the dissonance of progressives buying into conservative austerity. I failed and apologize.

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