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  •  Small consolation, but it helped me a lot, (4+ / 0-)
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    CayceP, aravir, drnatrl, JayRaye

    when I realized,
    that if I'm feeling like shit,
    upset about someone who's
    dead or dying,
    and I write about it,
    just do what my high school English teacher said,
    include a few details,
    choose my words carefully,
    make sure it flows in a logical,
    natural fashion,
    I then discover,
    that I like my work,
    and others do,

    I throw in the trick
    of hitting the enter key a lot,
    to make my readers pause.

    I find comfort
    in knowing I'm something of a writer,
    and that others,
    here at Daily Kos,
    see me as such.

    In fact,
    since they see my words as
    free verse poetry,
    they put me in charge of
    Indigo Kalliope,
    the Daily Kos poetry group.

    you could join us,
    on Tuesday evenings,
    after 4 PM.

    Let me show you
    what you can do:  

    One day I got a phone call
    asking what a camisole was for—
    you didn’t understand why you’d have to wear a shirt
    under a shirt
    and then you went shopping for women’s clothes
    and that call was funny and sad.  

    If you feel,
    deep down,
    that your words need to be
    exactly as you wrote them,
    spread across the page,
    the words are yours,
    not mine.

    I'm simply suggesting
    that your words are carefully chosen,
    if you make them look like poetry,
    as I do with my words,
    you could post your words
    at our poetry group.

    On a more serious note,
    you can post your words,
    words of pre-grief,
    at another group I'm in,
    The Grieving Room.

    Here are the links:

    That is the list of diaries
    in the Readers & Book Lovers group;
    scroll down to find the Indigo Kalliope diaries.  

    That's the list of grief support diaries.

    I've written many of them,

    Hope to see you there,
    and there.

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