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  •  According to your logic (1+ / 0-)
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    We would be banning an incalculable number of items.

    When a plane crashes we look at what went wrong and find ways to improve the system.  We don't eliminate the planes.  

    Just because you don't agree that people should be able to own semi-automatic rifles doesn't mean that you should be able to tell someone else that they can't.

    •  you keep falling back on the same reasoning: (0+ / 0-)

      X might not work, and even if it does, it only tackles a small amount of the problem, therefore X is useless so we're stuck.  

      That's completely loopy.

      Plus there's all sort of things that you 'can't' own (without appropriate regulations/paperwork/training/procedures)  You can't have plutonium.  You can't have drugs.  You can't have alcohol if you're under 21.  You can't have a lion.  You can't have unexploded ordnance.  Lots of stuff.

      •  More to the point, you can't own... (0+ / 0-)

        ...a Thompson submachine gun without a special permit. They and all other fully automatic weapons were "banned" after they became the weapon of choice in the mob wars of the Prohibition era. I put "banned" in quotes because you can still buy a fully automatic gun, but you have to jump through serious hoops to do it. This allows collectors and serious hobbyists to continue to own such guns - but they have to prove they are responsible. That's what we're asking here - you must prove to the satisfaction of society at large that you will behave in a responsible manner with your guns. And there are lines that can, and should, be drawn. I support expansion of background checks and closing of the gun show loophole for all guns, and restricting ownership of anything above a 6-shot revolver, 3-shot rifle and 3-shot shotgun in the same way fully automatic guns are restricted now.

        I vote we run Rick Scott out of Florida on a high-speed rail.

        by ObamOcala on Wed Jan 09, 2013 at 03:03:59 PM PST

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