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  •  That is the Continuity of Government Plan (3+ / 0-)
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    developed to recover from a massive nuclear war.   What I was referring to above.  It has been around since Eisenhower but was mostly unknown because of its high security classification.   Problem is if it is invoked in non-emergency  situations or is not unwound when crisis is over.  Congress asked to see it in 2007 but Bush refused access.


    1) Gives enormous power to the President --basically he can do anything.  

    Seize private property --if you control the food supply you control the population.  

    Draft population into labor camps.  

    Institute travel controls on the highways to "conserve limited fuel supplies" --but if the population can't travel it can't unite.  The reason why George W Bush scattered the victims of Hurricane Katrina to the four winds.

    Control all communications and institute government censorship over all publications.

    Force you to register for food ration booklets --so the government knows who and where you are.

    There are many good reasons for the above in a major nuclear war that has destroyed much of our economy and many of our major cities.  But the potential for abuse in the wrong hands is also obvious.

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