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View Diary: End the Flow of Illegal Guns (160 comments)

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  •  Locking them up tighter? Carrying them on your (5+ / 0-)
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    KellyB, 43north, my pet rock, Buckeye54, noway2

    person at all times?  Leaving them at a gun range where they can lock them up?  I'd like to think that actual mass weapon thefts from a gun shop are fewer than residential burglaries, but residential burglaries should be preventable by either an alarm system and safe bolted to the ground, or removing the weapons from the premises.  Getting hijacked during transport might be an issue, but a CCL and offensive driving course should be able to take care of that, no?  

    Anyway, all gun losses should be reported immediately, or else the owner is responsible for the outcome.  You lose one, two, 5 guns at once because someone stole your safe or broke into your car, ok fine.   You're not responsible for those weapons.  But if you're a straw purchaser who deals in tens of weapons a month or more, "losing" over 120 weapons in a year would bring the scrutiny of the ATFB, right?

    •  Avoiding gun thefts or accidents in your home (1+ / 0-)
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      Gary in NY

      is easy. Just don't keep a gun in your home. If you have one, get rid of it. You will be safer and so will your family and your neighbors. Keeping a gun in your home is playing Russian roulette. The statistics are clear. A right to do something stupid does not mean that you should exercise that right.

    •  And here is where what is really needed differs (0+ / 0-)

      from what is commonly being called for.  All of the things you mention, keeping them with you, keeping them in safes that are secured, reporting lost or stolen weapons, etc.  These are all things that are every responsible gun owner that I know advocates for.

      Everyone needs to keep in mind the focus of what the real goal is, reducing violence caused by criminals with guns.  It is also important to remember that restrictions placed on the responsible gun owners will not contribute to this goal.  

      •  If responsible gun owners advocate for... (0+ / 0-)

        the things mentioned above, then there should be no problem making them a requirement, or a restriction to gun ownership.  If gun owners don't want to register their guns, then there should be a national database of "lost and stolen" guns so that when an illegal gun is located it can be compared to what has been reported missing.  However, in the event that a gun is located that is NOT in the lost registry, shouldn't the legal owner, if ever discovered, be given some kind of punishment for not only losing their arms, but failing to report in a timely manner?  

        Assume that most guns in NYC come from one dealer in GA.  Was this this diary or a different? I don't remember.  But there was a diary or article that indicated that over 3000 guns were sold in GA that ended up in a crime investigation as an illegal gun.  Either the dealer is "losing" all these guns, at which point they should lose their FFL for failure to secure weaponry, or they're selling to someone who is "losing" them.  Any straw seller would become apparent if we could data mine the serial numbers past the dealer.  However, in many instances, records of the final purchaser are lost, or local regulations prohibit the dissemination of that data to anyone, even law enforcement or the original purchaser.  That brings us back to the national registry requirement.

        I'm afraid I can't see a way around mandates for better control of your guns to prevent them ending up on the street being linked to a national registry of some kind that contains valid, pertinent data.  The hodgepodge of local regulations prohibiting data from being released in varying counties all inhibit the removal of guns from being available to the criminal element.  Attrition will take care of most of the weapons, so long as we can prevent further creep of new weapons onto the black market.

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