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View Diary: Obama picks yet another homophobe for benediction (277 comments)

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  •  Why? Are you one of them? (3+ / 0-)

    You're spending an awful amount of time defending one.

    •  First lets not get this twisted. My vote helped (3+ / 0-)
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      gay marriage pass in MD--which passed by a very thin margin in the bluest of blue states.  The great blue crab state of Maryland.  But I'm sure I have a little homophobe in me.  It's not like I woke up and was like, I'm okay with two of the same sex together. Again, I've just never been down for denying every tax payi citizen basic rights.  And any straight person that says that they don't have a touch of homophobe in them is a fucking liar.  They all rainbow till you hit a nerve.  My old job was so super liberal.  My boss was gay, they all loved Obama, a bunch of trial lawyers.  Or so I thought.  My boss adopted a baby and that nerve was hit.  You could cut the discomfort with a knife.  Everyone was fine he was gay, fine he was married.  It was peace, love and liberal hair grease, till what was their nerve hit.  Now of course they fakes the funk and still smiled that same smile, but behind his back, totally uncomfortable.  Now, what I'm defending is Obama's prerogative to be as inclusive as he can want to be at his final inauguration.  And I'm defending the notion that people can change, broaden after 20 years.  The country certainly did.  It's got O'Reilly looking down a bottle every night.

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