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View Diary: Obama picks yet another homophobe for benediction (277 comments)

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    I'm 61.
    Someone is playing here, did I just read the Robert Frost, Maya Angelou, Elizabeth Alexander (google search quote  "Politics was in the drinking water at my house"), inaugural poet recitation will be a GAY HISPANIC?
    Maybe straight hispanics will get that their push is not poetry. Can you imagine, smirkless!

    The insult: Obama is of the "Madonna" generation. Funniest quote I read lately on her recent tour (and I love Madonna) "What ever happened to aging gracefully?" or my generation's "Rolling Stones. {NO you will never beat the BEATLES}," but do keep huffin & puffin, or WORSE, Elton "I'd eat -limbaugh's cat- for a mill", John. Oh. those funds?
    The problem is that for those of us that were born of boycott, we do not forget, we do not forgive, IN MEMORY OF OUR FRIENDS, but I don't judge those who do or maybe I do.
    The problem I see is, I'm sick of old gays who want to push younger gays into suicide with their wink, wink, pseudo christians are OK because if & when the shit hits the fan i.e. the possibly coming climate change disaster, those who you've let into your house will revert. I'm not in the mood to be tied to a fencepost to satisfy old sellout gay politicians specifically the West Hollywood City Council's failures or Jane Fonda's health nazi, better than thou PREJUDICE bullshit, all to satisfy their jealous descent into old age.
    You can look at the failures when you realize that they've accomplished nothing innovative. Sold out their fame, fortune & the future for some bucks. A lot less bucks.
    Bad idea but here's the deal, of things in my lifetime, I TOTALLY trust Obama to lead. He can lead for change where I can not. Innovation, GOODNESS!
    He's cool & sees outside my own perspective bubble.
    I am old & will wear my scars & mental medals with pride.

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