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View Diary: Limbaugh Connects Marriage Equality and Pedophilia, Stations Struggle to Retain Advertisers (74 comments)

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    ProgLegs is guilty of doing the same thing to what Rush said as he is accusing Rush of being guilty of with the article.

    If you read both source links, you will see that far from equating gay marriage with pedophilia, you will see that he is saying there is a subset of people who have been working for a long time to normalize pedophilia. His comparison, from the very beginning of his segment, is for people to remember how they felt the first time they heard about gay people getting married. The first inclination was that most people at the time felt it was too out there to ever think that gay marriage would be accepted. Now, it's not looked upon in the same way it was then.

    Similarly, his point is, while we feel shocked when we hear about pedophilia being normalized, it is possible that with time, it could become more acceptable.

    I saw nothing that indicated he was equating the two, only that gay marriage is something that has traveled a long way from being looked upon as something disgustingly deviant to states legalizing it.

    Stretching things doesn't help any cause as it minimizes the effectiveness of something actually worth being upset about as it becomes a matter of people thinking it's another case of crying wolf.

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