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View Diary: No Steroids In The Hall of Fame: Bonds, Clemens Rejected (33 comments)

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  •  Refusal to take responsibility (6+ / 0-)

    Unfortunately, I don't see this steroid debate in the same positive light.  

    We all KNEW that Bonds was on steroids.  It was obvious.  It was obvious McGuire was on steroids.  (less so with Clemons).  But the entire baseball community stood by and said very very little, if anything at all.  

    These writers who are rejecting them for the Hall now, are the same ones who were excitedly writing stories as records were being shattered.  

    Where were the angry articles back then? Where were the promises to not let these people into the HOF back then?  

    I would challenge any of these voters to show me evidence of their vocal opposition to steroids in the sport in the late 90's early 00's.  Where are their articles demanding testing?

    This is an example of an industry passing the buck onto individual actors.  This is like sending a handful of soldiers to jail for committing acts of torture, or saying that the financial crisis was a few bad actors.  

    We have a habit of standing by while we know wrongs are committed, and then when everything falls apart we pass the responsibility off to the fewest number of individuals we can.  

    Sure, these players cheated, but we cheered them on as they did it.  We gave them millions upon millions of dolalrs as they did it.  We put them in a system which incentivized them to cheat, and didn't really care that they did.  And now, way after the fact, we want to pretend that they did it on their own and that we are shocked, shocked!, that it happened.  

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