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View Diary: Invincible Al Franken? (22 comments)

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  •  I love Al, too, but how can we get rid of (2+ / 0-)
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    Fulgour, alwaysquestion

    Bachmann? I mean I live in Illinois, but I would help defeat her - she's a dangerous idiot.

    •  money and truth repeated over and over (1+ / 0-)
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      Liberal Granny

      I'm with you.  Bachmann didn't win by much this last time around.  She is vulnerable.  I threw money in that race to take her down a notch, with hopes of beating her and thereby signaling the decline of the Tea Party.  Also I wanted to give her pause before thinking of entering the Senate race.

      I think Al is going to be on the top of the GOP special interest hit list because he is so effective as a progressive.  I think the GOP has to tamp down the progressive wing of the Dem party as much as they can so the contrast of Dem to Rep is not so great in the voter's view.

      I signed up for the monthly donations to Al's campaign.   Monthly donations are a signal of solid support for the candidate.  But also, like I said, I think Al is going to be attacked and will need the support.

      But also, giving Al money is a great way to influence other senators.  When they ask him for help, he gets their ear and can hold some sway.  His progressive thinking is shared in a more intimate and personal setting and that time means something.

      There are so many layers to this game.  We have to think about what strings are connected before we pull a string.  It is why I almost never give money to a blue dog dem.

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