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View Diary: Marines tell corps: Admit same-sex spouses to clubs, or face eviction (93 comments)

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  •  Thanks so much for this! (11+ / 0-)

    I actually checked the day before yesterday for updates and I didn't see anything in the news. Of course, I ran a search on Ft. Bragg. I never expected the Marine Corps to rule on this from the top. I am SOOOOOOO glad they did! It confirms what the Marines I know aren't the only ones with common sense. I hate it when anyone in the military acts stupid like the spouses at Ft. Bragg - they make us all look bad and I know there are many more progressive thinkers in our number (active duty and family members) than there are conservative ones. We just have to be more vocal.

    Thanks once again for the story and for the hat tip. You're great!

    •  BTW - all clubs are on base. (12+ / 0-)

      They may have activities off-base but they all operate at the approval of the base commander and I've only seen them operate in official buildings like the Officer's Club, the NCO Club, or a Joint Club on the base. Because so many of the Spouses' Clubs deal with large amounts of money from fundraising through thrift shops and holiday bazaars they are watched carefully. The on-base lawyers usually review paperwork for them every couple of years to make sure all is above board. That's why it is so crazy that the group at Ft. Bragg thinks they'll get away with this. It may be a fight, but they'll lose in the end.

      I can see some bases in some really conservative areas having splinter groups - mainly retired officer wives who just can't stand all the changes. And it wouldn't be just from allowing same sex spouses. Some of these women are still miffed that male spouses have been allowed to join. Honestly, a lot of groups would be a lot healthier if those women would just head off base and start their own little private pity party.

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