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View Diary: Living like a monk isn't going to mitigate global warming. (189 comments)

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  •  What's the alternative? Direct action? That would (0+ / 0-)

    gain you little if you are looking at a 450 ppm redline except to get a more complete fascist state, which we are not.
    It's possible in the next 20 years US emissions will fall by 50% with reasonable actions but that won't be enough to help.
    Maybe a global nuclear war where the US, China and India disappeared would accomplish that but nothing else will keep things below 450ppm.
    I think the keep it in the ground theory only works if you significantly underestimate the amount of fossil fuels left.
    Coal is everywhere and thanks to shale gas so is it and there is plenty of tight oil, kerogen, bitumen and heavy oil.
    Technology such as batteries and hydrogen fuel cells are just too expensive.
    I guess I'm saying do the right thing personally but the promise of collective action will fail.

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