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  •  I always wished I could tell Myrlie Evers-Williams (2+ / 0-)
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    Denise Oliver Velez, nomandates

    how the death of her husband galvanized me about the Civil Rights Movement.......

    As an ordinary Northern kid I saw the Civil Rights Movement in a whole new light when I heard about the Evers Family. . . .and learned of their tremendous bravery, dignity, and terrible sacrifice.

    Before that....I knew that while people could be prejudiced and that the Civil Rights Movement was about equal rights........but it was the first time I realized that it was about the basic right to be allowed to live......

    It was also the first time that I felt the force and power of Gross Ignorance, of Human Folly and the MADNESS that could infect people.

    And that the haters and the shooters were some kind of extraordinary "stupid" .....they were missing something, missing what people like the Evers Family had to offer as people.

    The idea that anyone would shoot an innocent person just because he wanted to stand up for a good, human value........I think the death of Medgar Evers really changed my life.  I gained a much deeper sense of humanity, of how frail humanity can be....and how much we need to tend our communities and see people as individuals.

    I'm sorry I'm not more articulate, but thank you for this diary. I look forward to hearing more like this.

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