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View Diary: Despite dropping popularity, NRA seeks to protect guns no matter what (119 comments)

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    It may be legal to carry guns around but like the teabaggers at the town hall meetings it's threatening and intimidating. It freaks me out that the type of people who get off on their power to scare, threaten and bully people are often gun nuts.I may have the right to free speech but if I get a megaphone and walk around screaming in it on the streets the cops would most likely make me stop.  Jeeze, they shut down OWS for littering, and obstructing the sidewalks, why can't they stop people from this belligerent act of intimidation. I'd say this is certainly disturbing the peace. Of all the rights we have lost under the guise of 'security' why is the 2nd amendment so damn sacred. Pretty telling about where our fear and violence addicted society is at.    

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