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  •  Another classic plane, featured on T.V. (9+ / 0-)

    This weekend, on a Classic planes show, alongside the Handley Page Victor.  I would love to hear more of it's Red Flag exploits.

    The T.S.R. 2 was truly ahead of its time.  killed, at least in part, due to comments made during a Royal tour of Australia, advising the purchase by the Australians of the F111 rather than the  T.S.R 2 wiping out a prospective market.

    I also saw a couple of programs on two innovative rotary wing aircraft.  The AH 56 Cheyenne and Fairy Rotodyne.

    The Cheyenne, capable of upto 300 miles per hour in a dive and nearly 250 mph in level flight was the fastest helicopter in the world, but did not qualify  due to being a compound helicopter, having a pusher prop at the rear.  An easy aircraft to fly due to it's innovative rigid rotor head and gyro-control system meaning it was extremely stable and responsive, able to cope with significant off-C.G masses.  And a fully integrated fire control system, 30mm cannon, 40mm grenade launcher, FFARs and TOW missile system.

    And the Rotodyne, designed by Fairey as their entry into the civil helicopter market alongside the Ultralight helicopter.  Another compound helicopter, the main rotor was powered by tip jets burning kerosene and air compressed by the two stub wing mounted turboprops.  In level flight the jets were shut down and the Rotodyne transitioned into Autogyro flight until landing when the jets were restarted and the Rotodyne returned to helicopter flight.   Because of it's autogyro performance, the Rotodyne was capable of landing like a normal aircraft, albeit with a very short roll out, touch and gos, and go arounds were available in this mode, unlike a conventional helicopter making it very safe.

    Thanks for the diaries.

    In all of the world's problems religion has never been the solution

    by Tailgunner30uk on Mon Jan 14, 2013 at 05:12:30 PM PST

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