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    Does it mean that I can go to a shoppingmall, whilst carrying my LAW-rocket strapped around my shoulder, or perhaps should I leave it in my car?  Having the baby sit atop of my spare magazines? If not, why ? (See my next question)
    Private establishments, like shopping malls, are free to restrict what others can bring onto their property.

    As to the baby issue, laws regarding child endangerment may apply.

    What’s the (legal) difference between an RPG and a handgun? They’re both weapons, but somehow the law ‘interferes’ with the Second Amendment to prohibit me carrying an RPG (at least I think it does) and at the same time allowing a handgun. So, there’s some justification why one weapon is worse than the other and why it should be banned from the general public. Why isn’t this ‘distinction’ used to ban assault-weapons etc.?
    According to the Supreme Court, the Second Amendment is understood to include those weapons required for self-defense in the home, equivalent to what 18th-century militias might carry.

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