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  •  not a war of civlizations... (4.00)
     a war of fundamentalists.  call it like it is not like scared ass paranoid Americans call it.

    using that right winger dumbshit terminology is stupid.

    •  point taken (4.00)
      Your language is a little over the top.

      I know it is one way of expressing frustration, but too me, dumbshit, paranoid, ass, etc......feels a bit like a personal attack.

      Remember I am on your side. I am not the enemy. Please don't treat me that way.

      spin positive... inspire change

      by missliberties on Sun May 29, 2005 at 07:06:43 AM PDT

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    •  don't buy the smoke or the mirrors (4.00)
      this is neither a war of civilizations or a war of fundamentalists.  This is empire, pure and simple, marketed as a fundamentalist battle between good and evil.

      Every war needs a moral purpose to rally the masses and justify the cost in cash and human lives. Ask yourself if this is a war of fundamentalists, which most Americans certainly believe Afghanistan was, why did we invade a secular society that posed no ideological or military threat?

      •  We know that (none)
        but does the common man. Ask the hardliner evangelical Christians why they think we are fighting in Iraq. You know the ones with the sign that says "flush the quran".

        My opinion is that Iraq is a business deal gone bad.

        spin positive... inspire change

        by missliberties on Sun May 29, 2005 at 08:43:25 AM PDT

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        •  Yes indeed (none)
          I have no doubt that hard liners will put their support in terms of good and evil, whether they're neocons or self-professed Christians.  That's the root of manifest destiny, the fundamental belief that resources are ours for the taking because we are inherently better. The crusades, slavery, the slaughter of entire populations of indigenous people -  all justified as God's will. Manifest destiny hinges on the belief that we are right, which makes us better and therefore, more deserving.
          •  On the nose (none)
              Both Debraz and missliberties are hitting it right on the nose.

              Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins fills in missliberties opinion: this is a deal gone bad in what was the key strategic piece of real estate in the Middle East. No just oil beneath the ground, but the Iraqi ground itself which is of prime tactical and missle importance. Iraq could have been the capstone of 35 years of eco-colonialism.  

              Manifest Destiny is the operational mode of the global corporatocracy, and the relationship between the American West and the whole Middle East (esp. Iraeli/Palestine) are startling. Genesis is the rational basis for American propaganda, a rationality long since gone mad.

            •  yes I read (none)
              that book and it went a long way in explaining US foreign policy!

              Economic blackmail is this Administrations modus operendi. They use it abroad, in Congress and on us poor working folk. (See arms sales to Uzbekistan, see implied threats and withholding funds for incorrigle liberal Senators, see Bankruptcy Bill)

              Most astonishing to me is pre-this Memorial Day weekend the Congress refused to pass an amendment that would have favored the troops and medical care.

              Bastards! No wonder bullying is such a problem in our schools. We are following the "Leader".

              spin positive... inspire change

              by missliberties on Sun May 29, 2005 at 03:45:34 PM PDT

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