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View Diary: "Stand Your Ground" Repeal Bill Filed in the Florida House (53 comments)

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  •  So the part you take issue with is self-defense... (1+ / 0-)
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    ALL FIFTY STATES have self-defense which allows you to defend yourself with lethal force when you reasonably believe that you are threatened with death or serious bodily injury. That is just basic self-defense and will be in place whether "stand your ground" is repealed or not. So, I'm afraid you are misinformed. I don't blame you, because the traditional media and the liberal blogosphere has been awash with this misinformation. "Stand your ground" is the part where you don't have to run away. What you are taking objection to is basic self-defense, a defense available in all 50 states and in federal cases and nearly every civilized country in the world. What in particular do you find objectionable about that?

    Of course, the burden is on the state to prove you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Would you change that?!?

    Yes, the shooter, if there are no witnesses, is the one to tell the story and it is up to the jury whether to believe him or not. That is the nature of our criminal justice system and applies to all cases, not just stand your ground. All your arguments go against the very fundamentals of our justice system that protect people against wrongful conviction/incarceration/death penalty. Our justice system is founded on the principal that it is better for ten guilty to go free, then for one innocent to be convicted and in your argument you are flipping that ratio so that 10 innocents will be convicted, to prevent that one Zimmerman type from going free. Remember, in the overwhelming majority of cases, the defendant will be the victim of an attack, not a vigilante like Zimmerman.

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