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View Diary: Now nutcase 'killing people' guy says he's 'assembled an army' (525 comments)

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  •  seriously, this is why I really haven't gotten (4+ / 0-)

    myself vexed about the ndaa and other patriot act abuses. this is a new time and let's be honest, people in the 21st century communicate using email, internet and mobile devices. this idiot has probably already been "contacted" and hence the fast "backtracking" and "hedging".

    but the best thing is that all those idiots who wrote to him and said, "Hell ya, I'll all about an insurrection" are now a "terrorist cell". There REALLY ARE. Terrorists. Or potentially so, anyway.

    If these were a bunch of muslims with this number of weapons and ammo and talking about "killing sprees" and "taking people out", they'd have been arrested as a terrorist organization and plunked down in some secret prison by in eastern europe by now.

    Hm. As its stands, i suppose we'll just have to wait and watch. eventually they'll act out and people will be dead. THEN they'll be arrested.

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