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  •  thank you for this, I have a question..... (16+ / 0-)

    In Minnesota, where in the 1980's, Minnesota's American Indians were allowed to essentially start and run a monopoly on casino gambling in the state. I believe the original rational behind this agreement was as sort of a "de facto" reparation.

    Over the past 30 years some casinos, especially those near the Twin Cities have flourished. As evidence, you can drive by million dollar houses filled with Humvees, and Cadillacs on their driveways next to one of the local casinos.    I must also point out the fact that millions of dollars are donated back to local communities every year. The casinos are also huge employers.  

    Meanwhile, reservations in out-state Minnesota, especially North and West, removed from population centers, have continued to  struggle with high rates of poverty. Some  "out-state" casinos do not bring in the revenue their Metro peers bring in.

    With an heartfelt and honest attempt to understand, do you see a solution to this inequity?

     I think overall, the casinos have been good for Minnesota. I do question that some people are getting massively rich while other Native Americans are still living in poverty due primarily to the geographic location of their reservation.

    I assumed originally that the casinos would benefit all the tribes, regardless of geography.

    Could you help me to better understand? Thank you in advance.

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