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  •  My first year was a bit like this. As a speech (6+ / 0-)

    major, my first job was in English. I was the High School English instructor. I replaced a teacher who was fired. The only thing they wanted out of me was discipline because the kids were all pretty good.

    At 5 8 and a bit pudgy, I am not an intimidating presence, but I am able to get kids to work. The teacher before me was so angry, that she hid all of the key books for English. I spent my evenings, as you said, doing the junior and senior level work at home. My wife is an English wiz, so she would check the exercises, we would agree on a key, and I would present the stuff.

    I fell back a lot on my college training in debate and argumentation. Everyone learned to write papers and how to argue a point. We all learned to appreciate literature, and the students were always surprised when I told them that their answers were better than the books.

    finally, I wanted to do something better, so I went back and got my Masters in English. It was a bitch, but it really improved my teaching. though my attitude on teaching argumentation and literature hasn't changed.

    It sounds like you are great at the art of teaching. To go to the next step, become great at the science of teaching too. It is hard work, but you will never regret it, and you will be astonished at how many kids you will reach.

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