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  •  There is another question you could (2+ / 0-)
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    koseighty, kyril

    ask yourself about "God".

    "Do I need a God to function well in the universe and experience it with joy and hope?"

    I am not talking about "hope" for an afterlife by the way.

    All of the discussions that I have read like this one are infused with a glaring point- "God is imaginary".

    One of the reasons I became an atheist was the fact that after searching for my idea of God in differing religious traditions, I realized that I would never find him/her anywhere because "God" was all in my head.

    Then I had to answer the above question which took longer to answer.

    The hardest part is letting go of the idea of an afterlife. I found reading many different authors on this and some excellent blogs (Greta Christina, Adam Lee) that the universe makes much more sense without a system of consciousness preservation (how does an infant who dies at birth experience an afterlife?) and that no afterlife makes this life and this experience all the more special and valuable. Plus there is absolutely no proof of anything other than when the brain dies, so goes the consciousness.

    As for Jesus- many biblical historians are coming to the conclusion that this man most likely never existed. Richard Carrier will be coming out with a new book on this soon.

    Good luck with your journey.

    •  Where would we be with out imagination? (0+ / 0-)


      •  Well, when it comes to imaginary (0+ / 0-)

        gods, probably a whole lot better off.

        Einstein came up with his theories on light/speed by imagining what the world would look like if he could ride on a photon.  Now THAT's imagination that benefits the world.  Gods... no so much.

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