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View Diary: Nothing Human Disgusts Me, Mr. Shannon, Unless It's Unkind, Or Violent (9 comments)

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  •  thank you, Pluto (4+ / 0-)
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    Pluto, JoanMar, aitchdee, Mnemosyne

    I have written many things in my long time, but this is one of the few ones I think crept a little closest to what I wanted, queer as it may be, to say.

    And now, in the age of the intertubes, where the text can be interlarded with pictures, and tags, and videos, and such, it creeps even closer.

    Though, still, frustrating, that the best of the clips, yet not available.

    Oh well.


    Someday there will be, as you say, both the movie, and the movie of the movie, projected, and experienced, simultaneously, as one.

    And so much more.

    Stranded, as humans: live, shall they to see it. Vivid and impossible. Right into the room.

    Strolling, the merry way. Jumping, hedges first.

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