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  •  no one said 'ban' (0+ / 0-)

    I think we should look at sensibly regulating assault weapons and high capacity magazine clips.

    I'm open to ideas though ... how would it be best to better keep these out of the hands of nutjobs?

    •  Assault Weapon Ban (0+ / 0-)

      Pretty sure it is being said over and over right now.

      I am with yoiu on high capacity magazines.  Anything holding more then 20 rounds serves no great purpose.  Reduce it from 30 down to 20 and I doubt you loose many people.

      Not sure what you mean by sensibly regulatin assault weapons.  In my world, that means have background checks for purchase even if it is person to person but that is about it.  Assault rifles are merely semi-auto long rifles afterall.  I have my grandpa's old .30-06 in my gun safe.  It too is semi-auto and would be much more lethal than any assault rifle.  Hell, it could be classified as such simply because it is a rifle and is semi-auto.  Then again it isn't black so I am probably fine.  If the gun doesn't look scary to the gun grabber crowd they generally don't grab.

      •  interesting about 'scary' guns (0+ / 0-)

        Hadn't even thought of that. My only point here is that the people in charge at the NRA are trying to shut down any conversation around regulation of guns.

        Not NRA members mind. I know a lot of people here in Southern Ohio who are NRA members and the majority seem pretty cool talking about it.

        I'm not claiming I know what the answers are. Hell, I'd want to bring in folks like yourself who know more about guns than me.

        I just don't see why we can't have this type of conversation. My beef is with the marketing people at the NRA. I also don't agree with anyone who is trying to characterize NRA members as gun-toting nutjobs. This doesn't fit with the people I know in the NRA.

        •  I am not an NRA member (0+ / 0-)

          I simply will not take part in any discussion involving any idea of banning semi auto rifle, pistols, and shotguns.  If the conversation sticks only to limiting the size of magazines and background checks for all purchases (even person to person) I am all in.

          I have nothing to discuss when people demand a ban on AR's.  It is simply not happening.  Ar's are simply the modern version of American classics.  Semi-Auto rifles have been around for over 50 years.  THe idea that someone wants to simply ban a certain kind based on looks isn't logical so I won't discuss it.  Attempting to discuss something with people that are basing their ideas on emotions is pointless.

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