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View Diary: With Sen. Jay Rockefeller retiring, where will West Virginia Democrats turn? (97 comments)

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  •  Natalie Tennant might be the strongest (5+ / 0-)


    Bob Wise didnt run for re-election in 2004, after admitting to an affair with a state employee, so he probably isnt the best candidate.

    Goodwin would be okay, but wasnt there some speculation about him running in WV-02? Since SMC is leaving, I wonder if he tries there, in an open seat.

    A lot will depend on if SMC makes it through the GOP primary. She is favored in the general if she does. But I wonder if Club for Growth and the tea party try harder to win the primary with one of their candidates, now that Rockefeller has retired.

    •  Where is she on guns? (0+ / 0-)

      I like her and have voted for her before.

      However with the gun control agenda at the federal level that will push a lot of dems to vote republican in WV due to the fear that the more democrats are in congress the more likely something they consider regressive will pass.

      That's what killed both Gore and Kerry here. Nearly every body I talked to in those elections cited gun control.

      Rahall is my congressman and I actually like him. He has to be big on the anti EPA stuff but he's got 100% from the NRA which would greatly help him against Capito.

      Remember Capito had a lot of help from the NRA to defeat Humphreys.

      I think WV'ians are fairl liberal on a lot of issues but the whole guns and coal thing push it to the right.

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