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View Diary: Middle ground idea on gun control: Gun Insurance (242 comments)

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  •  Well I'm sure an enterprising insurance company (14+ / 0-)

    will figure out a way to make a buck. If you build it, they will come.

    But also, this isn't about accidents. It is about damages through negligence or no fault of the owner.  

    So you buy a gun. You insure it and store it properly. Your kid goes and shoots up a school, using your weapon without authorization. Guess what? The state and the victims have a claim against you. The ask your insurance company for the cash. Your insurance company makes sure you are all paid up and after they investigate it is discovered you made every reasonable effort to store your weapon safely. They pay the victims and for the costs of all the hospital bills and police and first response and what not. Then they jack up your premiums to the max. You then get rid of the weapon.

    •  Well, at that point, you've probably (3+ / 0-)
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      brooklynbadboy, elkhunter, Tirge Caps

      already had to give up your weapon as it would be evidence in a murder trial.

      Anyway, I think that this is the kind of idea that seems appealing until you get into the details of both implementation (states rights stuff is super messy) and questionable efficacy.  

      Jacking up the rates of someone who had their firearms stolen after a crime has been committed doesn't really change the fact that the crime was committed.  

      The loon you showcased in your diary is not the kind of person who has a sense of cause and effect - he doesn't understand consequences.  He'd just go on over to the insurance office and shoot someone up if they dared raise his rates.  

      I don't think that the free market has the stomach to deal with this level of human behavior - and I am not so sure that I am interested in empowering them to do what would be required to make their participation effective.

    •  as a political matter, I don't think strict (1+ / 0-)
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      liability would ever happen, and query whether the feds could even impose it.

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