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  •  BBB I am glad YOU diaried this... (2+ / 0-)
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    ... I agree with this idea.  I have been in dozens of diaries about this topic, and they all end the same way:

    "The right to bear arms is one which doesn't entail any fiduciary responsibility to society on the part of the gun owner."

    "Control of the weapon is only defined by that time when the weapon is in the actual hands of the owner.  At all other times the weapon owner is to be free and clear of any responsibility which may be wrought by the loss of the weapon or misuse of the weapon by others."  

    The instant you advocate for any kind of tax or insurance or fee that doesn't relate to the actual usage of the weapon, you are considered to be abridging the right to own a weapon.  Somewhere in your diary you may discover that because the rights of "Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" aren't explicitly documented in the constitution, they aren't actually rights at all.  But the 2nd Amendment is a "right" granted by the Constitution, and it trumps any "unalienable" right which isn't specifically granted.

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