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View Diary: Middle ground idea on gun control: Gun Insurance (242 comments)

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  •  Who says they don't? I carry insurance already. (0+ / 0-)

    I don't have to but I do for my own protection.  You can already be sued or criminally prosecuted already if there is a wrongful death or you are negligent.

    Owning a pool is not in the bill of rights.  That is the issue everyone is side stepping across.  I have a constitutional right to own a gun.  I can't not be denied that right on the issue of a federal government mandate to set a fee to that.  Period......

    A right just as valid and important as voting.  A voter id can't cost money, because it is a constitutional right.  Even if voter fraud was rampant and our elections totally bogus because of it and the only was to stop it was with a voter ID and the city had no money to fund it.....they STILL couldn't charge a penny for it BECAUSE it is a constitutional right.

    Same thing applies with the 2A.

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