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View Diary: I just voted NO in France - defense of the NO vote, which is the ONLY PROGRESSIVE VOTE (175 comments)

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  •  I have always felt (4.00)
    That a large part of the conservative opposition to national health care comes from exactly that fact, that if there was national health, mny people who stay in jobs they are miserable in, would simply pick up and walk, because it is almost always possible to make enough to just get by while you are looking for something else, and a lot more people would in fact, try their hand at self employment.

    Plus I dont know if it is true from France, but in other Europpean countries, if you are unemployed, the government will provide a considerable amount of the cost of setting up a business in order to get people off of the unemployment rolls. You collect unemployment or part of it while trying to get the business running and so on. And you dont even have to remain in your own country to do it, given the changes that have opened borders with the rise of the EEC.

    I remember, sometime early this year, listening to a Radio Netherlands broadcast about a community that is almost totally Dutch, living on the opposite side of the North Sea from the Netherlands, in Norway. This person was unemployed in the Netherlands, and was given financial assistance to start a biusiness, so he decided to do so in this Dutch enclave in southern Norway. He started an Internet Cafe. They were comparing their program for helping the unemployed to a similar program in Germany. I think the Dutch program is not working out so well, but the Germna program is, according to the broadcast.

    Internet Cafes are supposedly very big in Europe because of the expense for getting connected in Europe. Computers are a lot more expensive because of the various tariffs and VAT. PLus there are taxes on the service, adn from my understanding there is a charge everytime yyou connect through dialup, though I am not totaly certain what that entails, so lot of people open internet cafes and they seem to be thriving businesses.

    I suppose I would go with satellite Internet if I was over there, though the equipment cost is high, I suppose the cost for satellite access could be gotten from outside of Europe.

    I would personally like to get my hands on a WorldSpace radio, because its free satellite Radio, that is available all over Europe right now, as opposed to the pay for everything United States and its possible to pick up the broadcasts beamend towards Central and Latin America from the Southeast US.

    I was talking to someone in Europe today, and they already have Digital Radio as well, so you get the same quality broadcasts as Satellite on
    AM/FM/DAB  radios which are almost as  cheap as AM/FM porables here, as cheap as Ten Euros. Then there is DRM in which shortwave and AM radio  broadcasts are made in Europe whhich creates CD quality Shortwave broadcasts and again, the radios are not expensive there, but over here the cheapest thing you can get is a WebRadio and for about 350 dollars and in the next month or so, a small company is going to release a HD digital FM receiver that lists for 249 dollars.

    Europe has been doing this HD radio on FM and DRM on AM and Shortwave here for as long as XM and Sirius Radio have been around, and about the only thing that is stopping HD radio from geting off the ground is lobbying pressure from the satellite radio industry. There are about fifty HD radio stations in each state, almost always public radio, but there are not really any portable home based receivers on the market here at all.

    There is really no free market in the U.S. when larger corporations can prevent new technologies in use everywhere else from becoming broadly available.

    Boy did I get off topic.

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