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View Diary: I just voted NO in France - defense of the NO vote, which is the ONLY PROGRESSIVE VOTE (175 comments)

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  •  Definition of "Right" (none)
    And if a "oui" vote was a guarantor of laissez-faire economic policies, would the far-right (which I'm assuming includes the French versions of Thatcherite and Milton Friedman-esqe thought) oppose it?

    Don't confuse the French "far right" with the American "far right"

    •  think Pat Buchanan, not Milton Friedman (none)
      ... for the closest American analog to the Le Pen faction in France.  But Pat Buchanan and Global Exchange have rather different reasons for objecting to the WTO and GATT.
      •  No Direct Translation Really (none)
        If you had to do a man-for-man comparison I'd choose DeLay or Coburn to match up against Le Pen.  But the political landscape in France is much more complicated than that.  They don't really have a two party system the way we do.  The terms also don't translate very well.  Communists are not like Russian or Chinese Communists for instance. Mitterand went to power on the Communist vote and the was Socialist...

        Socialists are not comparable to ours - or at least the ones we had in the '30s.

        Basically the terms are all relative to each nation's political landscape.  Some places like France have more apparent facets to the spectrum than the US does.

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