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  •  Online polls are generally worthless (0+ / 0-)

    But doesn't politico tend to lean right?  I'm taking this poll as a good sign.  I want to be optimistic that the lunacy coming out of the NRA crowd lately is scaring a lot of people straight.  I certainly didn't care much about guns until sandy hook, and now seeing the NRA freaks out in full force, I've never been so anti gun.

    The vision these people have of America is one similar to Somalia or Sudan or Afghanistan or the Wild West - everyone carries a gun in the open, shoots whenever they feel threatened, and are "policed" by gun obsessed vigilante weirdos, while the real cops, of course, are disarmed.  

    For gods sake end the madness.  Weapons capable of committing mass murder have no business being available in the corner Walmart.  And as an Oregon resident, at the very least, the douchebag behavior of walking in a public neighborhood/small business area with assault riffles slung over the shoulder needs to be outlawed.  If Texas wants to live that way, that's their problem (absent a federal ban, which we need to stop the manufacture of these weapons of mass murder), but come get your damn small penis freaks and take them home.

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