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View Diary: MURDER/SUICIDE - Famous Gun-toting Soccer Mom shot dead by her gun-toting husband (268 comments)

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  •  When I worked for an insurance company (4+ / 0-)

    There was a claim that came in related to a suicide (I didn't handle the claim, but the documentation for some of it passed through my hands).  The couple had built a new home and had only moved into it recently.  Almost immediately after moving in divorce proceeding were initiated by the wife (I don't know what her reasons were).  There were some police reports where the husband had confronted his wife outsider her work (she had moved out of the house) and punched her car window and broke it, so it wasn't an amicable divorce by any means.

    The husband came home early one day, went into the basement and set fire to a pile of rags in the basement.  Then he took a rifle, went upstairs and shot himself in the bedroom.

    Fire department got reports of smoke from neighbors, came to put the fire out and found him.

    Usually, damage caused intentionally by a policy holder is not covered by insurance.  In this case I think the company ruled that the insured was obviously not in a stable state of mind and found a reason to cover the losses for the damage to the home.  

    I saw some of the scene photos in the claim file that were part of the police and fire investigation.  Not pretty at all.

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