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View Diary: BREAKING: #Taftanaz, #Assad's biggest air base falls in #Syria (34 comments)

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  •  A relative few takfiris can create a tremendous (1+ / 0-)
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    amount of strife and damage to a country. They are now resurgent in Iraq and have not been defeated in Af/Pak. The US's approach of playing military whack-a-mole with them just creates more and more.

    If you don't think a few hundred of them can do a lot of damage just look at the Patriot Act and other Orwellian security related measures the US (with the most powerful military the world has ever seen) has created in order to 'protect' it's citizens from them. How many American soldiers have died? How much money has been spent?

    The takfiri and salafist jihadists have invested far too many martyrs into toppling the Syrian regime for them to go quietly. Not since Afghanistan have they had such a powerful impact in overthrowing a government. Also, the loot from Assad's armories is hundreds of times greater. Never before have they been as well funded and armed.

    Interesting times ahead.

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