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  •  It sounds like you view it (0+ / 0-)

    as something like an adult toy, like a off road bike.

    •  Well, I'd never want to give the impression that (5+ / 0-)

      I'd conflate a firearm with the status of a "toy", but it is a sort of hobby outlet for me. I only own one "tactical" style rifle which is my pimped-out novelty weapon; I have a bolt-action rifle and a pump shotgun which are pretty "normal" and two semi-auto pistols. I may sell one because I never shoot it, but then it is kind of a historical curio too, so I may keep it.

      I may get into hunting, liking the "locavore" notion and not wanting to support a factory-farm industry (and veganism is not an option), in which case I may get a more suitable bolt-action, but that's about the only realistic expansion of my collection I can envision.

      I have a concealed-carry permit but I frequently go without. I am part of the security volunteer group for my local Synagogue, so I carry there and people know it. But then, when a criminal even is stopped by an armed citizen, it is typically by off-duty or retired police or military. I can see why; knowing the mechanics of firing a gun on a range or at game is not the same as keeping level-headed when someone is shooting back.

      That's why what I'd prefer to see is required training for people who want to own tactical-style weapons, since buying a tactical weapon means joining a well-regulated militia, IMO. That's what I'd do for gun control: you want a Tactical, then your purchase is the entry fee to joining a local militia. You get trained, take a class that includes legalities, get a license and do a qualify shoot at least once a year or lose your license. Being part of the militia means being willing to help local law-enforcement if called upon, say during disasters or civil emergencies (duties which may or may not even include anything to do with needing a weapon, for example helping to distribute supplies at FEMA tent cities after a population displacement event).

      I see a distinct lack of discipline as the big problem in free-for-all firearm ownership.

      •  Totally agree about the militia part... (2+ / 0-)
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        Smoh, Joy of Fishes

        I was a volunteer for a Katrina shelter. Afterwards the city figured it would be a good idea to have a list of citizen volunteers on file. The "cost" to remain on the citizen volunteer list included a background check, including being fingerprinted.  I was happy to go through the paperwork up front.

        I'd feel much safer if anyone with a tactical weapon had to go through the same checks, along with the training. And had to re-certify on a yearly basis.

        It's crazy to me that adopting a dog from a breed rescue group usually involves a home visit (to make sure that the dog will be well cared for) but buying a tactical weapon does not (to make sure that the weapon will be secure).

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