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View Diary: Google Search Results Number Is Completely Made Up. (13 comments)

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    You're totally wrong here.

    •  He's not, really. (3+ / 0-)
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      Calfacon, blue aardvark, kurt

      I've noticed the same phenomenon many times.  The google search number has no real meaning.  It's not necessarily by any 'evil intent' on google's part.  Simply the nature of the web, and the people who work to game the google algorithm to get their webpages listed pretty much no matter what a person types into the search field.

      'aardvark trombone flatulence' - according to google, around 574000 hits.  This doesn't mean that there are actually 574000 pages that have flatulent trombone playing aardvarks on them.  It may well mean that 574k webpages have stuffed those 3 words, along with thousands of others, onto their page somewhere, simply to make sure they get 'hit'.  But that 574k number is still totally pointless in every real sense.

      So while google may not be 'making the number up', other people are, by sticking in all sorts of words that have nothing to do with the content of the page.

      •  No really... they are. (1+ / 0-)
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        I guarantee that they aren't excluding those from your results on the fly.  

        It would be technically extremely inefficient, and when you're processing the kind of data they are, inefficiency isn't feasible.

        That total number is a guess, partially because there are thousands of new websites going up, and coming down and changing every hour, so implying precision when there isn't any is just a bad idea.  Which is why that number has gotten more 'round' as time has passed I think.

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