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View Diary: NOT From The Onion: "GOP looks for ways to stop the rape comments" (102 comments)

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  •  But that's the point - the substance (3+ / 0-)
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    Ramoth, peacestpete, CA wildwoman

    is the social cultural stuff and just in the past three days we have seen new rape parsing discussions, anti-abortion bills introduced in Congress - calls to shut Planned Parenthood down - and I can't remember what else.  They have learned NOTHING about how detrimental this social conservative agenda is to their political fortune.

    They think it is a "tone" problem.  That if they find a "nice" way of saying they hate Hispanics, then they will get more votes.  That if they talk about rape and forced pregnancy afterward in a more palatable "tone", then people will just say, "Okay, now that you put it that way..."

    I don't think that the Republican Party's problems are about the demographics of the country.  I think their problem is their policies and their incredibly insane stable of politicians.

    They are delusional.  These are the kind of people - mostly men - who think that there is a way to tell their wives that they look fat - that there is a "tone" in which they could deliver that commentary that would be well received - they are simply delusional.

    That party needs a total revamp from the inside out.  Politicians need social skills.  Not necessarily Emily Post all the time, but social skills along the lines of being able to read their audience and being able to play to that audience.  They've become so insular and disconnected from the greater public that even if some of them had those social skills they haven't been exposed to other people that might force them to think outside of their current box.

    So much of this has been in the making for the past 20 years.  With the DeLay Gingrich efforts to route out the moderate Republicans in the 90s and replacing them with true-believers who couldn't think on their own and swore allegiance to the elephant above all and to the exclusion of all else.  To the mandate that no Republican should be caught dead having any unauthorized interaction with any Democrats - to the Hastert Rule - to the purging of people across the agencies who they perceived to be anything less than a true-believer well below the executive level of those organizations - to the refusal to even speak to reporters that they perceived to be anything other than full on supporters...

    These people have created their own echo chamber and the more rabid, radical and ideological they become, the more that chamber is shrinking.  Of course, the Romney campaign thought they were going to win.  They didn't talk to anyone else outside of their "tribe" - they clearly didn't even hire pollsters who were talking to people outside of their tribe.

    That's their problem.  The public to the extent they even really matter to these people anymore is nothing but a series of market segments and percentage points to these people.

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