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  •  Violence will always change you (8+ / 0-)

    I am often totally in the grip of all the outrage of it even though it stopped 30 years ago.  For decades I couldn't even touch it.

    I often wonder what kind of person I would have been had it not happened, or when it stopped someone saw it and steered me toward some help.  As it was the response and reaction has always been I didn't do anything! and it was a total disaster, it made things much worse and put off getting better for a long time.

    In the end you're left with something evil, that hell you can't understand, how could others? How could I explain to other people when even understanding is impossible?

    Violence often flashes through my sleep and thoughts completely unbidden, it can get beaten into you.  You shove it aside and apply your psychology but always feel a little broken and out of place.  It's often lonely.  I used to wish I had been a soldier in wartime, it was something I understood and the ending honorable.

    [sigh] That's the worst of it, this incredible power of violence to ripple out and spread, to grow on itself over generations.  Whatever mistakes I have made, violence from my hands to the people around me has never, ever been one of them.

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